Game Summary

The simple act of putting on a suit can cause drastic changes to a timeline. Travel through two alternate worlds and craft items together to restore the balance of time!

In this game, you'll play as Clove, a time traveler, who with the help of her friend Megumi, must find a way back to her home world. As you interact with characters, you'll notice that their personalities have split between the two timelines where they act completely different!

This is a survival action game where you craft resources together to solve puzzles and progress through the game. Switch between two timelines to gain hints and gather specific resources needed to progress forward in this game.

Development Information

This survival horror game was developed in RPG Maker MZ.

We created this for the Global Game Jam 2022. The entire game and all of its artwork were created in a single weekend by Steve Rakar and Michelle Rakar.

The theme this year was "Duality", which fit perfectly for the alternate timelines in our bigger story, The Nays!


ArrowsMove the Character
Z / Enter Confirm/Interact
X / Esc Back
Q Map
E Inventory
Left-ClickCraft an item using a recipe (while in the crafting menu)
F4Full Screen

Important Performance Notes

For the best experience and the performance we've thoroughly tested most, we recommend:

  • Play in Full Screen Mode: Press F4 to enter that mode or toggle it in the Options if you're playing the downloaded version.
  • Download the version for your OS below (especially if you experience any issues in the browser version above):


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