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One day, while Mr. Dude is taking a tropical vacation from his duties as World Leader, he discovers a mysterious SD card with nothing on it but a single sound file named "SOS.WAV." The contents of the audio file suggest that someone nearby may be in danger, so he sets off on a search around Chablam Island to uncover the mysteries.

SOS.WAV is a 2D adventure game where you must solve puzzles to make your way through the story. Each puzzle has hints scattered inside the mysterious audio file and you'll have to listen closely to figure out the solutions.

This project was created for Global Game Jam 2017 (meaning we created it in under 48 hours). The entire game and all of its artwork was created in a single weekend by Steve Rakar and Michelle Rakar.

Install instructions

Simple installation. Just unzip the file and run Game.exe. Game can be played with mouse, keyboard, or gamepad (though mouse is recommended for menu navigation). Headphones or speakers are required.


SOS dot WAV 91 MB

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